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Why is Sustainability Important?

  • Protect eco-systems and wildlife 
  • Conserve our natural resources 
  • Reduces the need to harvest new materials 
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Reduces waste

DMC Sport and ECB

DMC Sport has continued to make improvements to our services and products over the past 5 years working with the ECB. To date we have:

  • Removed all single use plastic in Centre Kits and Participant Packs
  • Replaced plastic wrapping with paper option. For e.g. All Stars ball
  • Consolidated cartons where possible to limit packaging and delivery
  • Introduced biodegradable courier bags for all Participant Packs
  • Introduced the option for parents to donate their kit
  • Removed the bat from year 2 Participant Packs
  • Added All Stars bat grips to the shop for clubs to purchase to encourage them to use existing bats instead of buying new

Donating Your Kit

ECB now provide parents and guardians with the opportunity to donate their child’s kit when registering for a programme. 

This is mainly applicable when children return to All-Stars or Dynamos and do not require any additional equipment or clothing. 

 If you select to donate your kit, the kit you donate or its financial equivalent will be donated to a good cause. 

 If you wish to donate your kit in future, please select “donate your kit” when registering your child online for either All Stars Cricket or Dynamos Cricket.


In 2022, we are piloting a bat collection scheme for clubs. We will be offering up to 50 clubs the opportunity to return 10-20 plastic participant bats with free postage.  

Clubs will be able to donate their used bats or those no longer required by parents. These bats will then be cleaned and reconditioned to reduce long term waste.

If your club has bats that are no longer in use and wishes to take part in this program, please click the link below to organise a returns label. Then simply package the bats in a carton, ready for collection by DPD.

Bat Collection Contact Form 

National Programmes Kit Collection Scheme

Over the coming weeks, we will be trialing a bat collection scheme for clubs delivering All Stars Cricket. 

This will allow clubs to donate unwanted All Stars cricket bats for reconditioning. 

In the initial phase, clubs will be able to post 10 – 20 All Star plastic bats free of charge to our warehouse where we will clean and refresh items to extend their life.  

If you have bats that are no longer in use, click on the button below to arrange a collection!

Collection Contact Form 

Caring for your kit

The best thing you can do for the longevity of your kit is to care for it properly. 

Here are some tips for extending the life of your kit:

  • Keep out of the elements (rain/snow etc)
  • Store in dry place
  • Don’t store kit in direct sunlight for long periods when not in use
  • Wipe dirt/marks off kit after use
  • Wash your t-shirts and clothing on a cold, gentle cycle

Lord Taveners kit recycling programme

If you possess cricket equipment from national programmes which you wish to donate for alternative use or to a good cause, the Lord Taveners operates a national kit recycling programme which may be of interest. 

The organisation operates collection hubs across the country and distributes unwanted equipment to areas of need and deprivation, for those less fortunate. 

To find out more about their kit recycling programme, or to find a local hub please visit the button below.

Lord Taveners Programme 
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Check out our Sustainability Page!

Click below for information about what we are doing for sustainability, tips on how to care for your kit and information on our Bat Collection Pilot Scheme!


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